Since 2000, our artistic atelier has disinguished itself by creating exclusive works of art for increasingly refined clients.

The ability to wed our artistic skills with the tastes of the client allows us to personalize every work to fit its environment perfectly. Our clients include foundations, churches, private citizens and art collectors. Our bywords are: quality-seriousness—exclusivity. For this reason we are very demanding in the choice of materials, the techniques, and the attention to every phase of the projects.
The client is involved in the creative process and can check on the work of art at any moment. For us, there is no difference between a small, medium, large work of art, everyone who purchases one of our works will be the owner of a “one of a kind piece.

Leaded stained glass, Tiffany technique, fused glass, kiln-fired grisaille decoration, enameled, liquid glass, toubage technique, sandblasting, and satin-finished. Oil paintings, portraits, mixed technique decorative panels, three-dimensional, gold leaf, acrylic painting, watercolors, woodburning, graffiti. Lamps, chandeliers, appliques, backlighted paintings. Wooden and mixed technique sculptures. Acoustic speakers. Luminous sculptures. Installations. Illustrations. Decorative frames.

Every one of our creations transforms an environment into an exclusive space.